“My wife…. She is as wild as they come. She is up on those rocks and I just can’t get her down.”

Griff, Fox and Fox’s family looked up at Courthouse and Jail rocks to see a woman easily navigate the rocks while occasionally stopping to take in the view. Looking back at the man, Fox’s brother and sister-in-law smiled and walked on toward the trailhead. Fox’s dad, the social one of the group, stopped to listen to the man’s story. Eventually, Griff and Fox walked on while the man continued to talk about his 86-year-old wife, Wilma.

Along the trail, we met Wilma and had an ever-so-brief conversation with her about what we could expect on the rocks. She was wearing the same shirt that just the day before I had bought in Sydney, NE. She looked comfortable and in-place with the surroundings so I knew that it was a smart purchase.

Hiking now will help us stay young at heart and hopefully keep our hearts healthy. This elderly woman is enjoying a moderate hike at Courthouse and Jail Rocks in NE.

This elderly woman is enjoying a moderate hike in Nebraska. We hope that hiking now will help us stay young at heart and have healthy hearts for a long life.

Over lunch, my dad told us about this couple’s age, how much they travel and their enjoyment of outdoor activities. With awe in my voice, I told my family that I aspire to be just like Wilma at the age of 86.

The next morning, in the hotel’s breakfast room, we were planning our day when Wilma and her husband walked in to eat. We were many miles from Courthouse and Jail rocks and surprised to see them, but my dad took the opportunity to converse further with this inspiring couple. Before they walked away, Wilma told my mom that they would see each other soon. Well, they did, when we all checked out at the same time. However, I really liked her attitude toward life and truly hope that our paths do cross again.

Wilma, if you are reading this, thank you for being such an inspiration. Your enthusiasm for life and the outdoors is everything I strive to be now, at 86 and beyond.

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