The beginning of our camping adventures

stars above campsite, Lake Wappapello

Night at Lake Wappapello

The lizard stood facing the door as if it were waiting to be let out like a house-trained puppy. Fox pushed on the wooden slat and watched the green creature scurry over the path and duck into a crack between the shower house and the sidewalk. As she walked down the hill, she reflected on the weekend. Camping with Griff’s family at Lake Wappapello State Park had been fun and now it was time to go home…

We are Griff and Fox, a couple who got married in May and went on our first camping trip together in July 2014. That camping trip to Lake Wappapello was the start of discussions about future camping trips including the when, where, who, what and how of it.

The weather was unusually cool for July creating the perfect conditions for enjoying campfire discussions. Several discussions centered on how each of the four households prepared for camp.

Household 1: The parents brought a kayak, a screened canopy for the picnic table, a dutch oven, a tea kettle, a cast iron pan and so much more.

Household 2: The brother brought water toys, a tent that may have been a little too small for his growing family, a table cloth and entertainment for their daughter.

Household 3: The sister brought a sleeping pad and a cooler.

Household 4: We brought prepared meals in aluminum foil, camp forks, a picnic basket and Griff’s camera (He rarely leaves home without the ability to photograph something.).

The fascination with how different people prepare and react to camping was what led to our decision to begin this blog. Fox, having only been camping twice during college and did not do any of the work for it, did not really know how to camp. She sought advice from Pinterest and blogs about tent camping, but discovered that she could not find information for “normal people.” So, the blog came to fruition with the idea that other people may also want to learn the basics of tent camping, hiking and simple outdoor recreation.

Follow us as we explore the outdoors. We hope our blog will inspire others to get outside and experience nature in an easy, comfortable and fun way!


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