Campfire Tea Kettle

As cooler weather approached us, I began to lust after campfire tea kettles. I would linger by them in outdoor and sporting goods stores. My web browser somehow found its way to pages with tea kettles for sale or reviews on this particular camp cookware. Griff probably was tired of hearing me talk about them.


The tea kettle we chose

On a trip through Wall, SD, I found exactly the one that I wanted, but we did not have room to take it with us on that trip.  I wanted a tea kettle that was big enough to make several cups of hot drinks and something that looked nice. When we returned, I read thoroughly about it and decided that there really was not much that was going to change my mind. So, Griff and I placed an order and it was shipped to us a few days later. We are now the proud owners of a GSI Outdoor enamelware tea kettle.


Tea kettle over fire

Our GSI Outdoor enamelware tea kettle over the fire.

Using the tea kettle

We have only been able to use the tea kettle on one campout to date. On that cold camping weekend, hot tea and hot chocolate helped keep our spirits high and brought us much needed warmth. Griff and I happily added tea bags, cocoa mix and travel coffee mugs to our packing list for that trip. We had hot drinks even as we left the campground and headed on our 6.5 hour journey home.

The main issue that we had is that I realized too late that the lid had a groove at one end to keep the lid in place and I accidentally broke that groove off when I placed the lid on it the first time. We never tried to grab the handle without a pot holder or towel, but we assume that it was probably too hot to touch otherwise. The water did not take an exceptionally long time to boil and it poured out of the spout easily.

At the end of the camping trip, the pretty green tea kettle appeared to be thoroughly burnt. The tea kettle had been left on the fire when there was little water left in it which eventually left a residue on the metal that made it appear burnt. I sighed as I thought about how nice it was at the beginning of the trip but I supposed that all things rugged must look rugged. When I got home, I soaked the tea kettle in soapy water and then washed it with the dishes. Believe it or not, the tea kettle looks almost as good as new. It made me love the tea kettle that much more for being easy to clean.


The future of the tea kettle

We had considered camping this weekend, but it did not work out for us. Today, we discussed how nice the tea kettle will be on cold weekends like this. We also discussed how having a tea kettle opens up so many more possibilities for us while camping. We can now make oatmeal for breakfast, continue to have hot drinks and many more meal options. We also now have the option of hot water for washing dishes. We are making big plans for future camping trips with this tea kettle.