Jumping fish

I am a worrier. So when my brother-in-law and sister-in-law suggested that we go swimming in the lake, I was hesitant. I thought about my lack of strong swimming skills and all of the disgusting and potentially harmful things in the water. Griff really had to convince me to push my limits and get in the water.

At first, I was just going to walk in ankle or knee deep. Everyone else went out much further, so I felt silly standing at the edge by myself. Plus, our sister-in-law brought water noodles and tubes, so I went further out to float with everyone else. We were all enjoying watching our niece splash around in the water.

And then…

A white fish jumped out of the water, collided with my neck and fell back into the lake. With a nervous laugh, I slowly started back toward the shore. Again, Griff had to convince me to stay with the group. I hugged him almost until we got out of the water.

The fish startled me, but I am glad that Griff pushed me a little past my comfort level to go swimming with everyone. I probably startled the fish as much as it startled me. Sometimes funny things happen in nature. We are learning to laugh them off and enjoy the adventures together.