It’s Getting a Bit Chilly Out Here

The forecast for Saturday night at Indian Cave State Park was mostly clear skies and a low of around forty degrees. This would be the coldest night of camping Fox and I had experienced to date. We were already planning on bringing a comforter and two warm blankets, but forty degrees caused us to throw a fourth in the car.

A mild west wind blew through the campground until nightfall and made me think maybe a fifth blanket would have been a good idea. Fox’s brother, his wife, their dog, and the two of us huddled around the fire for warmth until we decided it was time to get some sleep.

When we finally got under our stack of blankets, I was immediately aware of the chilly surface of the air mattress through my clothes. I had not given any thought to the effect of slowly descending temperatures on the compressed gaseous filler in our bed. Rather than insulating us from the cold, the heat from our bodies seemed to be drawn away to warm all of that cool air.

I woke up well before dawn to find my face chilled by the low morning temperature as well as a bed even cooler than the night before. While the feeling wasn’t miserable, it wasn’t comfortable either. I moved closer to Fox and fell back asleep.

When we both woke up for good a little after dawn, neither of us wanted to get out from under the blankets, nor did we want to separate from one another. We just wanted to stay like we were until the weather warmed up again.

Eventually we felt compelled to get up, start a fire, and make breakfast. While we were eating, Fox’s brother seemed to really enjoy informing us how warm he was and how well he slept the night before. They didn’t need a pile of blankets. They had cold weather sleeping bags.

Yes, I’m a little jealous.