St. Louis RV Vacation and Travel Show

This blog was started after our first tent camping trip together because we had a difficult time finding resources for tent campers. As we have become more involved with the outdoor community, we are finding more resources but this weekend we decided to explore how the other side experiences an overnight stay in nature. I have been counting down the months, weeks and days until the St. Louis RV Vacation and Travel show. Although we have decided that tent camping is for us, I wanted to explore everything from the most basic to the most luxurious campers and RVs.

The St. Louis RV Vacation and Travel show campers and RVs
The show was at the America’s Center in downtown St. Louis. While there, we stepped inside pop-up campers, fifth wheels, and class A, B and C motorhomes. I wanted to see a teardrop trailer because Griff’s dad often talks about these, but we did not find one at the show. There were a couple of vintage style campers that were cute but definitely not practical for someone with Griff’s height.

The pop-up campers did not appeal to us at all because they were similar to a tent, but with electricity, water and needed the ability to haul it. The trailers and fifth wheels were really interesting and many were much nicer inside than what we expected. However, we do not want to buy a truck to haul one or try to drive through cities with it. The class A motorhomes were often very nice inside but again the thought of driving that through a city made us nervous. Someday if we have children and decide to buy an RV, the class C motorhomes seemed like a great option because the smaller size is likely easier to maneuver through tight spaces.

One of the highlights of the show for me was getting to sit behind the wheel and explore the layout of the Mercedes Sprinter van RV conversions. I have wanted to see the interior for some time. This would be my choice if we want to extend our camping season and do not have children and have extra money to spend. Some of the floor plans and features in these were just so-so, but there was one that had a great floor plan and was very nice inside.

The booth spaces
While we really enjoyed our tour of life on the other side of the campground, we found that some of the exhibit booths were very practical and some did not make much sense (such as the home improvement vendors.) We were able to pick up state park maps and information from Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas. We were also able to gather information such as pocket cards to identifying plants and animal tracks. We talked with the people at the Family Campers & RVers booth and plan to check out this camping club in March.

We still prefer tent camping
In the end, we decided that tent camping is still the option that most appeals to us. We like the ability to just drive our car everywhere, putting together a couple of poles and falling asleep listening to nature’s lullaby. We did see the appeal of the options that we saw at this event, but at this time, camping in tents is how we plan to enjoy our nights in nature.

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