Outside at the Giant’s Causeway

It has been a year since we returned from our visit in the great emerald isle, but on this Monday I am dreaming about being back where many shades of green could be seen rolling along the countryside of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Although I loved the vibrant greens on our trip, there is one not-so-green natural area that is deserving of its own post. This area is the Giant’s Causeway.

Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway has this wall of natural columns formed from a volcanic eruption.

This wall of natural columns is the result of a volcanic eruption.

The tops of pillars at the Giant's Causeway formed from a volcanic eruption in Northern Ireland.

Exploring the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

One cannot understand how powerful and wonderful this bit of the outdoors will be until the trail is hiked and the causeway is in sight. Long before our time, a volcano erupted in Northern Ireland that left behind columns of varying heights perfect for climbing and exploring. Many of the pillars are clustered together to form something similar to natural stairs that are fun and easy to climb. Along the trail there are green pastures intermixed with many other interesting rock formations. These rocks are intriguing to view, sit on, stand on and photograph.

Interesting rock formation along the hike to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Taking a nap on the natural recliner after a hike to the Giant’s Causeway.

The day that we were there, it rained heavily most of the day and we were feeling disappointed that the rocks would be slippery and it may not be enjoyable to explore the area. We were on a tour and the bus driver said with a laugh “Don’t worry, Robbie (the tour guide) always has sunshine at the Giant’s Causeway.” Well, regardless if Robbie had anything to do with it or not, moments before we arrived, the sun and a rainbow appeared overhead. It was a beautiful afternoon to be along the water exploring this natural playground. A local band (I presume) must have had the same feeling because they were out taking photos on the rocks.

Band on top of pillars formed by a volcanic eruption in Northern Ireland.

Band on top of pillars formed by a volcanic eruption in Northern Ireland.

The volcanic eruption that left these columns must have been something spectacular, but the outcome is definitely something to be seen in person. The area stretches a few miles and has tens of thousands of the stone pillars. Unfortunately, it has been too long for me to remember all of the specifics, but it is a vision that I will keep with me for a very long time. If you are ever in Northern Ireland, get outside and explore the Giant’s Causeway.

The tops of the columns at the Giant's Causeway.

The tops of the columns at the Giant’s Causeway.

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