Chimney Rock

After visiting Courthouse and Jail Rocks, we traversed the back roads of western Nebraska to see Chimney Rock. While I had not heard of the former, I knew the latter as a landmark from a popular computer game I played as a kid. As we were driving, we realized that it was not quite lunchtime, but we definitely needed a snack, so we stopped at the Settlers Trading Post.

When we got out of the car, we noticed tumbleweeds hanging underneath it. Outside the trading post was an older windmill, a teepee and a lovely view of Chimney Rock. A campground associated with it called Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing seemed like a wonderful location to view the stars at night and wake up to a view of this landmark. Inside was a couple who sold souvenirs, ice cream and food with stories and smiles for everyone. It was a quaint and welcoming place that satisfied our desire for a snack. If Griff and I get back that way we plan to stay at the campground.

The view from Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing.

The view of Chimney Rock from the Settlers Trading Post.

Just down the road was the entrance to Chimney Rock. From what we could tell from the outside of the visitor center was that you had to pay to enter the visitor center and could not actually walk up to Chimney Rock. After a brief discussion, we decided that we had seen Chimney Rock from the Settlers Trading Post and would continue our journey through Nebraska. We would be happy to hear what we missed from others who have visited and if there is a way to hike up to Chimney Rock. Leave a comment if you have ever hiked near Chimney Rock.

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