Camping at Lake Wappapello

A few signs on US67- South pointed toward Lake Wappapello but the GPS knew which sign was correct and lead the car in the appropriate direction. The campground was on the main road of Lake Wappapello State Park in Williamsville, MO. After locating the campsite, we parked our car on the gravel drive and set up the tent on the grassy area approximately 75 yards from the lake. It was getting dark, so we were happy that we had a tent pitching trial in our backyard earlier that week.

Tent campsite at Lake Wappapello

Griff ‘n Fox tent campsite at Lake Wappapello

Cooking over a campfire:
Griff’s parents had arrived the day before and had started a fire before we arrived, so with camp set up, we used their fire to cook our burritos.  Without having much experience cooking over campfires, we had precooked the meat, assembled dinner and breakfast burritos and wrapped the food in heavy-duty aluminum foil the night before we went camping. Griff’s mom and sister-in-law seemed interested in this no-cleanup way of cooking over the campfire so I felt successful in at least one aspect of camping.

The campground:
Our impression of the campground was favorable. The fire rings were taller than expected and had adjustable height grates. The campsites were well-maintained. The shower house was kept clean, had free hot water in the showers and sinks and had a nice private changing area separated by floor-length shower curtains between the shower and the rest of the shower house. The downside was that signs to navigate the park were not consistent and we had some difficulty finding the camp store. The other negative was that the camp store cooler did not seem to be working properly while we were there because the ice seemed on the verge of melting when we purchased it and we had to go back several times to get ice because it quickly melted.

Fishing on Lake Wappapello

Two men fish early in the morning on Lake Wappapello

Our activities:
Our two campsites were located next to the lake, which provided us with easy access to the water and a view. In our camp chairs we watched boats and jet skis on the water, the forest on the opposite shore and geese traveling on the water and on land near our camp.

At least one person in our group went swimming, canoeing, fishing and/or hiking at the park. The trailhead at Asher Creek Campground had signs that lacked explanation and reminded us of video game strategies.  The trails had natural paths that led us by the lake and up the hill through the wooded area where we encountered a chipmunk and a deer.

Close-up of chipmunk along the trail at Lake Wappapello State Park

Chipmunk along the trail at Lake Wappapello State Park.

We liked this campground and would recommend it to anyone who is seeking a weekend on the lake. The food was good, the family time was nice and our camping adventures officially began that weekend.

Video game strategy or hiking trail sign at Lake Wappapello State Park?

Video game strategy or hiking trail sign at Lake Wappapello State Park?

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