An addition to our outdoor family

We said that we would wait awhile. We said that it would potentially slow down our adventures. We said that we should give ourselves some time to enjoy married life before we added to our outdoor adventure family. But then……we were out running errands and decided to stop by an adoption event.

Her face was so pretty. She had the cutest ears and nibbled on our arms ever so lightly. She sat in Griff’s lap and we knew it was love. We took her on a short walk and she leapt and grabbed her leash to take herself for a walk. We knew that our outdoor adventures would never be the same again.

We did not get to our intended errands that day, but we came home with a wonderful new pet. We are so sad that the first several months of her life consisted of being chained by her leg with a wire and hope that she has much happier outdoor fun with us.

Husky mix puppy finds a new home.

We adopted this sweet Husky mix puppy.

Meet Mishka, the newest Griff ‘n Fox outdoor family member.

Husky mix puppy on a walk in a local park

Mishka on a walk in a local park

She is an active and happy Husky mix who has already brought so many smiles to our faces. Looks like we will be doing a lot more research about outdoor adventuring with dogs.



Husky mix puppy worn out after a walk

Mishka worn out after a walk

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